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Ostend has a wide choice of restaurants for everyone's taste. In addition, there is an extensive network of Take-Away “Riders”, from Deliveroo, and UberEats. Small tip: always check if your order is complete before the “Rider” leaves.

Home delivery with Deliveroo or UberEats Oostende

(mention delivery address: “Laurina’s Cove” Hertstraat 13 Ostend)



Looking for a Fancy and nice breakfast, tasty bread or delicious cakes? Then I definitely recommend the “bakery” Devriendt. (closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays - Breidelstraat 4, 8400 Ostend) You will have to the queue 😊. If you do this on a Thursday or a Saturday, then stop by “Berry”. They are then on the market at the “Groente markt” (the square opposite Devriendt). You will find delicious charcuterie. Also try their ham or Beavoorde pâté.



Are you going for a walk along the fishermen's quay (visserskaai)? Then stock up on fish and shrimps at the Vistrap (building with a wavy blue roof) or enjoy a dish at one of the many stalls. (be carefull: the gulls like pick out of your dish.)



In the folder in Laurina's Cove you will find a number of restaurants that I have tested and approved myself. Did you try (and adored 😉) a restaurant that is not in the folder yet? Do not hesitate to add the a card or a menu of the restaurant. So the next guests can also enjoy your experience.


You will also find a lot of inspiration on this website:

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