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* The windows are equipped with anti-view foil. Because of this  you can look out without being able to see in from the street. Even if the blinds are up.

* CAUTION, if there is more light inside than outside, it is possible to see in. At that moment it is best to lower the blinds.

* Please note, the window decoration / blackout in the living room and bedroom is not a toy and is fragile. So please only service by adults ;-)

* The best eclipse is obtained by turning the convex side inwards (by gently turning the stick)

* Do you want to be able to see what is happening outside without being able to see inside? Then turn the convex side outwards until you can just see through it at eye level.  

* The blinds in the room can be carefully lowered or closed upwards.  

* Both in the living room and in the room you can open the windows without having to open the decoration.

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