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What to do with the household waste?

Residual waste:


* for stays of 30 days or more: every Monday excluding public holidays (see also or via the app “recycle” (address to be entered: Hertstraat 13, 8400 Ostend) for exact dates.)

Put the residual waste bag from the city of Ostend (purchase yourself in the supermarkets in the area) outside between 19:00 the night before and 06:00 the day itself.


* For stays of up to 30 nights, we provide residual waste bags that you drop yourself at the designated places. (see plan below)

Residual waste bags of maximum +/-30 liters can be deposited in the waste streets or containers , provided you insert a 0.50 € coin.

Waste left behind will be deducted from deposit (min. 1€/30L)

Where are the waste containers located?

* Montgomerykaai (750 meters on foot)

* bridge to station Vindictivelaan - Natiënkaai

* Bridge Kapellestraat (right opposite sanitary block)

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