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Agreements concerning rent of the appartment

Dear guests,

When you arrive you expect an apartment in perfect condition. This also applies to the following guests. Of course we don't want any problems with the neighbors either 😊. We therefore ask you to keep a few things in mind. Below you will find some points of interest.

  • Take care of the apartment as if it were yours 😉. Manage it with due diligence

  • Respect for sleep: please limit noise between 10 pm and 9 am

  • It is not allowed to stay overnight more than the number of persons provided for in the reservation. Daytime visits by a limited number of people are allowed, subject to the agreements.

  • Condition of the property: out of respect for the following tenants and the cleaning staff, please leave the apartment in a neat condition. This means, among other things:

    • Remove household waste

    • Cleaning the dishes

    • Dishwasher empty

    • Oven and fridge empty and clean

    • No leftovers etc… in the cupboards

    • Plates, cutlery, glasses, etc… in the same place in the cupboards where you found it (this avoids discussions about inventory)

    • Remote controls (TV, hood, lights, etc… as well as possibly the garage key (200 € to replace in case of loss)) back to their original place

    • ...

(an extra cost will be deducted from the guarantee for extra work of maintenance personnel)

  • An accident can always happen. A broken glass, a stain on the sheets / mattress / seat / wall /… Please just report this via SMS / whatsapp. We are happy to repair / replace / clean ourselves to maintain the uniformity of the building and to avoid worse damage. If there are costs associated with any cleaning / repair / replacement, we will deduct this from the deposit at cost price.

  • Small dogs are allowed with prior agreement. BUT they should stay “on the ground”. The removal of hair on seats and bedding should be done by specialized cleaning teams. The additional costs will be charged for this.

  • When you leave during / after your stay, please turn off all lights and turn down the heating. We are all thinking about our carbon footprint 😉.

  • After your stay, the windows must be closed.

  • Make sure to always close the front door when leaving the building

  • If you discover damage on arrival, please mention this as soon as possible via SMS / WhatsApp, possibly with photo.

If you use the parking facilities… Only stand on the designated place (125). If not, your car will be blocked by the owner of the parking. A “Fine” will be requested before releasing the car. Respect the markings on the ground (note: fairly narrow places). Keep in mind that you have to drive up a steep slope to get to the car park.

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